Fable: An Honest Review

Fable is not the fast-paced, plot-twist-filled adventure most YA novels are. It’s slow and steady, and while it has plenty of action, it was also easy to set down and walk away from (I say this, even though I couldn’t leave it for more than an hour before I found my way back into the […]

Blood & Honey: An Honest Review

Warning: This review will contain spoilers. I woke up this morning, my bookmark wedged at the end of Act I in Blood & Honey, blissfully unaware of the emotional trauma I was about to suffer. “Just one more chapter,” I said to myself, still nestled in the warmth of my blankets as I reached for […]

Seasons of the Storm: An Honest Review

Wow, this book. I started this back in July as a buddy read and I finished it today. I have so so so many thoughts on it, and I’ll try to make sure they’re all cohesive because I have so much to say about how I loved this. Please note: this is not a spoiler-free […]