Blood & Honey: An Honest Review

Warning: This review will contain spoilers. I woke up this morning, my bookmark wedged at the end of Act I in Blood & Honey, blissfully unaware of the emotional trauma I was about to suffer. “Just one more chapter,” I said to myself, still nestled in the warmth of my blankets as I reached for […]

Seasons of the Storm: An Honest Review

Wow, this book. I started this back in July as a buddy read and I finished it today. I have so so so many thoughts on it, and I’ll try to make sure they’re all cohesive because I have so much to say about how I loved this. Please note: this is not a spoiler-free […]

Welcome to the Dust Blog Tour – Spot #9

First, if you are new to the Blog Tour of Dust, welcome! Click here to see the kickoff post with stop 1. I can honestly say, this story stole my heart. I wrote a review for an ARC I received back in March, and you can access the review here. Claire and Peter are phenomenal […]