Writing Tip #1 – Make a Chapter Outline

So, you want to write a novel?

Writing a novel is fun, and exciting! But, it also requires a lot of time and thought. You cannot sit down and write a novel in an hour; it will never work. In order to ensure that your novel is as good on paper as the idea is in your head, take time to plan it out!

To help you in your novel writing, I am including my chapter outline, along with a sample outline for DisloKate: Origins.

Did this help you? Tell me in the comments!

DisloKate: Origins

  • Chapter 1 – Origins
    • Plot summary – Kate accidentally stops a drug bust, and decides to become the hero, DisloKate. She struggles with her call after losing a battle but must wear her mask one last time to save her friend, Lucas Lawrence.
    • Setting – The Hospital, Kate’s apartment, and the university are all pictured in this comic strip.
    • Plot Importance – Origins is important because it tells the origin story of the hero DisloKate. Without the Origins chapter, there would be no beginning to DisloKate’s story. There would also be less known about Desmond Daunt, Ruby Saige, and Lucas Lawrence.
    • Characters Introduced – Kate Howard, Ruby Saige, Lucas Lawrence, Dr. Edwards, David Howard, Silvia Slacker, Robbie Redneck, and Desmond Daunt (by name only).
    • What would happen if this chapter was omitted? The readers would not know who any of the characters were, there would be no origin story for DisloKate, and Desmond Daunt would not have a backstory.

Now, it’s your turn! Copy and paste this into a word document, and fill it out for each chapter.

Your Story

    • Plot Summary – In a few sentences, tell what happens in this chapter.
    • Setting – where does this chapter take place?
    • Plot importance – what important information is revealed in this chapter?
    • Characters introduced – did you introduce any new characters?
    • What would happen if this chapter was omitted? If you delete this chapter, how would it impact the remainder of your story?

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