The Littlest Zebra: An Honest Review

What’s that sound!?

When you hear hoofbeats it isn’t always a horse, sometimes it’s a zebra. The littlest zebra is tired, lost and looking for her family. Come along as she makes new friends and finds her dazzle.

The Littlest Zebra

If you’re looking for a tale of diversity and inclusion in the form of a loveable picture book, look no further than The Littlest Zebra by Mikayla Longano-Pinch and Claudia Belt of Blank Expectations. In a story that follows Eadie, an adorable zebra with EDS, it is both a heart-warming and adventurous tale.

Eadie has lost her dazzle. She hears hoofbeats around, but only sees horses. Because of this, she is searching for her family. Among those who help her in her search, is the adorable Sam the Stallion (who I adore, as I had a horse named Sam), the Cockatoo, and Louise, the (blind) wise mouse.

I loved this book for a variety of reasons. The cover, for starters. Look at that adorable zebra on the front, complete with a wheelchair. Each and every one of these drawings is well-thought out. Eadie is wearing a knee brace, and there are a multitude of other motility aids showcased. The colors are vibrant splashes of yellow and green. It’s detailed, but still simplistic.

The writing comes in rhyme (I absolutely adore anything that rhymes) and flows well. It’s a storyline anyone with chronic illness will resonate with too. Being different is tough, and even with invisible disabilities like EDS, we still have fundamental differences that most don’t understand. Eadie’s desire, not to be accepted, but to find more like her, is so relatable. More than that, Eadie’s acceptance of everyone’s differences is commendable.

I highly recommend this book! To all who have been lost because of chronic illness, this is a book you will enjoy.

To all who don’t have chronic illness, but want to expand your worldview, this is a short, easy, fantastic read.

This is a book that should sit on every child’s bookshelf.

Happy reading, friends!

You can follow Mikayla and Claudia on Instagram, @blankexpectations, and you can also find the book here.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would review it on my blog. I will only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I did not have to give a positive review.

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